Hilltop Photography Promotions

Listed here are our current promotions! Promotions will run for a variety of reasons, some of which may include current exhibitions or events, or, just because I’m really liking that particular image. Remember, each promotion will only last a little while so time is of the essence!

Arch in Black & White by Kathy McCabe

Arch in Black & White

I took this image while standing under the St. Louis Arch. We were moving from Colorado to PA and had a carload of Me, Michael, a bird, and our beloved Patches. This photo is being featured as one of fourty printed for on site viewing out of thousands in the Las Angeles Photo Exhibition, November 13-15, 2020 at the Los Angeles Photography Center.

Ghost Fire Truck on Dupont Circle

Ghost Firetruck on Dupont Circle

I took this image from the top floor of the Dupont Circle Hotel after they were kind enough to allow me up there to take pictures. I caught the fire truck in a several-minute long shot to get the traffic lights in trails.

Sunset in the Orchard

This was taken near my sister’s house in an old walnut orchard.

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