Hilltop Photography Promotions

Listed here are our current promotions! Promotions will run for a variety of reasons, some of which may include current exhibitions or events, or, just because I’m really liking that particular image. Remember, each promotion will only last a little while so time is of the essence!

Arch in Black & White by Kathy McCabe

Arch in Black & White

I took this image while standing under the St. Louis Arch. We were moving from Colorado to PA and had a carload of Me, Michael, a bird, and our beloved Patches. This photo is being featured as one of fourty printed for on site viewing out of thousands in the Las Angeles Photo Exhibition, November 13-15, 2020 at the Los Angeles Photography Center.

Dark Horse

This image was taken while driving down the road in Colorado. We saw a metal sculpture being and followed it to a stop (luckily going the same way we were!) Several shots were taken as we drove down the road.

Sunset in the Orchard

This was taken near my sister’s house in old orchard.

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