A Perfect Day…

Kathy McCabe
Consists of traipsing about the countryside and taking pictures – of everything. I love the thrill of seeing nature in focus through my lens and capturing its beauty. I’m fascinated by the world around me and am happiest when I have a camera to my eye.  I don’t care if it’s a gray day, I feel all golden inside when I’m on my ‘photo-scursions’.

I’m blessed to have earned awards for my photography on Viewbug.com and Gurushots.com, and honored to have been featured in Shutterbug Magazine (2005), and awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Photography from the International Society of Photographers (2008).

I’ve always loved photography, and it was the best day when I bought my first digital camera. Practicing photography with a digital camera is much more affordable than practicing with film!

I am a visually impaired photographer whose sight in the left eye is legally blind. Without glasses, both eyes are! I see the world through the viewfinder.

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