Sun Glow Pier Selected for Exhibition in Philadelphia, PA

I’m very excited to announce that my image Sun Glow Pier was selected to be digitally exhibited at the Space Art Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. It was one of 58,000 images of which 564 were selected in the Creative Composition challenge at GuruShots.  The exhibition is June 21-22, 2024.

This image and others are available in the Water Gallery.

Sunglow Pier
Sunglow Pier
I plan on going to this exhibition – I hope I see you there!


Baltimore Inner Harbor at Night Featured in Magazine Collection

I’m honored that my image, Baltimore Inner Harbor at Night was chosen to be featured in the Digital Camera World’s Night Photography collection sponsored by Guru Shots along with only 186 other photographers.

This photo, along with many others, is available in the Bright Lights Gallery.

Up Close Lotus Featured in Magazine Feature

I’m very excited to announce that Up Close Lotus has been picked for a magazine feature along with 159 other photographers for Digital Camera’s Macro View collection sponsored by Guru Shots! Digital Camera World showcased the images here, and I’m at 150 of 160. 🙂

Kathy McCabe featured in Digital Camera collection

This image and many others is available in the Floral Gallery.

Dramatic Lighting Exhibition – Hanoi, Veitnam

My photo, Church Flare, was chosen for a Digital Exhibition at the Matca Gallery in Vietnam.  I’m very proud that I was one of only 424 exhibitors, either digitally or in print.

Church Flare, when I saw this, it really felt that God was inviting me personally into the church that morning.
Check out this image and many others in the Bright Lights Gallery