Crooked Little Cabin selected for exhibition in Australia

I’m proud to announce that my image, Crooked Little Cabin has been selected for exhibition at the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne Australia. The exhibit will be in March 2022.

Crooked Little Cabin by Kathy McCabe
Crooked Little Cabin by Kathy McCabe

You can own a print of this photo – just check out my photo galleries!

“Crooked Little Cabin” Selected for Winter Award 2020

I’m honored to have my image “Crooked Little Cabin” selected for Viewbug’s Winter Award 2020.

Winter Award 2020: This award celebrates how your creativity has touched the community and influences today’s photography trends. It recognizes how your photos tell a unique story, capture our attention, and how you show memorable instants through your authentic perspective. Congratulations, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your creativity with all of us during these unprecedented times.

Crooked Little Cabin by Kathy McCabe

This print is available for purchase in the Photography Galleries.