New Promotion – Featured Image

We’ve begun a new series that will highlight one of our images every couple of weeks. Special discounts will be applied for this image if you choose to purchase it – you will not need promo codes.

Our First Featured Image: Hell’s Kitchen Street Scene by Kathy McCabe

Hells Kitchen Street Scene by Kathy McCabe

We were walking around New York City in the bitter cold on a day trip and I was captivated by all the fire escapes and the overall grayness. There was very little editing on this picture except to further mute any colors with a monochrome filter.

I loved how it brought out the glass in the lamp in the forefront. And the lit light in the eave of the porch under the awning at #410.  I used my old Nikon D3100 and a standard lens. I didn’t do any special metering, although I did take a series of about four shots. The overall image turned out crisp and clear without editing.

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